Farmers Market Friday: Roasted Root Vegetables w/ Yogurt Sauce

When going to the market, you can sense the change of the seasons. The weather becomes cooler in the mornings, the vegetable array changes and people mention their recent baking ventures. Watermelon, peaches and tomatoes have left us for the year and now it’s time to embrace the new treasures that fall has for us; Sweet potatoes, carrots, potatoes, beets, etc. Continue reading

Farmers Market Friday: Watercress Salad

Slowly but surely, it seems like Spring is finally coming. So I decided that I would spice things up for this Farmers’ Market Friday. And when I say spice, I mean a watercress kind of spice. If you’ve had watercress before, you know what I mean. It is small, green and leafy but don’t let that fool you. Watercress is a Spring vegetable that’s known for its kick. Continue reading