TT: Alsace

So looking upon the blog, I’ve realized it would have been 3 weeks since the last TT if I didn’t write one this week. This week also marks the 4th week that I have stayed in Alsace with my grandmother. Now, the past 4 weeks have not been plain and bland. They have been 4 busy and very occupying weeks of adventure. Within four week, I have visited Switzerland, the Mulhouse Zoo, Colmar and many other little corners within the region.

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Travel Thursday

With a name like International Palate, you set a standard to bring your readers on a journey. Every Sunday, we give you one recipe to try, enjoy and explore. We want to invite you to discover new places through our recipes as we start our summer travels. That’s where Travel Thursday comes in. With TT, we will bring you along on our trip to explore different corners of the world. Not only will we share pictures of food, but we will also share a piece of culture. This way we are allowing you to experience more than just taste. We will share tips of what to do, where to go, what to try, etc. Our posts will be from current travels as well as past trips.

Safe Travels,

-D and S