Crêpe avec Jambon et Oeuf

Somehow crêpes have become an symbol of french food in the US along with Baguettes. However it bothers me when people tell me that they love crêpes every though they have only tried chocolate-banana, strawberry-nutella, or lemon-sugar because those only comprise of half of the crêpes that exist. Don’t get me wrong, those three are great fillings however they are all sweet and crêpes are also served to be savory Continue reading


Farmers Market Friday: Pasta with Asparagus and Garlic

Back home, my family is apart of a CSA that provides us with a weekly delivery of vegetables  from the area. Having a CSA inspired me to cook with seasonal vegetables that I might not have bought at the store or market, one of those being asparagus. I have always admired the lean green stalks but never thought that I would be cooking with them on a weekly basis.  Continue reading