Tip of the Month: June 2017

With summer on our heels, gardens around my neighborhood are blooming. Yards have become a rainbow field where plants of all sorts are eye catching; vegetables, herbs, flowers, you name it. I’m not much of a gardener but I do admire the works of others. If you ask any gardener for the secret to a healthy, fruitful garden, they will praise the works of a healthy soil. My parents created a compost bin years ago in order to ensure the daily health of our soil and it works wonders. Under our sink, we have a bucket that we fill with peels and remains from our food. After a couple of days, we empty the bucket in our compost bins and wait for it to decompose. My parents had the patience to wait for months until we could use the soil however local composting companies exist. Take control of your gardens healthy and eliminate the amount of food you throw away.

img_0273Once you’ve got yourself some healthy soil, you can grow practically anything you want (within limits of course). Maybe you will have a vegetable garden filled with tomatoes, zucchinis, and herbs that you can use for a Soupe au Pistou. This soup highlights the wonders of a garden while maintaining the fresh taste. Maybe you are growing sturdier vegetables like Tat Soi and carrots and can use them in a Tat Soi Salad. Some of us lack a green thumb… like me but these vegetables can be found at your local farmers market or CSA.

IMG_0215Another way to have a successful garden is to take advantage of the animals, such as chickens. One day, I will have chickens whose waste will provide the nitrate that is needed for my garden and the eggs that is needed for my cooking. For the most part, I have already mastered the art of poaching an egg but an easier trick.

Spend this month outside, weather in the garden or at the market. Summer will come and go before you blink.

Happy June!



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