Tip of the Month: February 2017

IMG_0566I hate to admit it but at least once a day, I complain about how cold it is in DC and how I can not wait for Spring to come. I don’t want to be so negative towards anything in life but there is nothing I hate more than being cold…besides sardines. Yes, I do have a fairly high tolerance to the cold but when blistery winds and dark days are involved, I can easily turn sour. 

My way for battling these cold days is with a powerful bowl of soup. When I’m cold, I tend to munch on calorific unhealthy snacks that within arms length and fill up on carbs to the point where I’m too full to do anything. It’s easy to forget about all the veggies, yet they are the most important food you can eat since they will boast your immune system. Thus, this months TOTM is to get in your fair share of vegetables by eating soups. By creating all types of vegetable soups, my immune system stays healthy and my belly stays full. I regularly switch off between pureed soups and chunky soups.
This month, I recommend that you try out some of my favorite soups, including Broccoli and Carrot Soups. Since a child, these have been my favorite soups. They can be topped off with a dollop of yogurt or half an avocado. We make these soups in bulk and then freeze them for later usages.
After having soups almost every night, you may want something to actually sink your teeth in. Look no further than here: the Potato and Asparagus Quiche. I love a good old quiche because of it’s flexibility in tastes; you can add any vegetables you want and it will still taste delicious. I like to serve my quiche with a salad for dinners and have a leftover slice for lunch the next day.
While I do praise the act of eating mainly vegetables and fruits, I know I sometimes have a sweet tooth that can only be cured by granola bars. Move over Quakers Oats because all us home-cooks are taking back the kitchen. When it hits 4 o’clock, grab an Almond Coconut Granola Bar. On the weekends, I like to prepare for the week ahead by creating a meal plan and then begin the cooking process. This is also when I make my granola bars to store in airtight containers. Use this recipe as a base and swap out ingredients to make your own variety. How about using walnuts or hazelnuts?
This month, make it a goal of yours to not let the winter blues get the best of you. Instead, take back the control and fill your fridge up with Vegetable Soups. Spring is a month away, so lets start counting down the days: 48 days until Spring!


Happy February!



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