Tip of the Month: October 2016

October, are you there? Are you sure it’s time for us to say goodbye to summer? I’m not sure if I ready to dive into the season of root vegetables and warm dishes.  I’ll miss my smoothies: Banana Mango, Berry Banana, etc. Yes, I can still buy these fruits but they’ll be out of season.

img_8118Fruits can be bought all year long in the frozen food aisle of your grocery store. Since the season of fruits is practically over, start freezing your own fruits and store them in the fridge. When we buy bananas, we always buy too many and they begin to over ripen before we can eat them. So what do we do with the extra ripe bananas? Freeze them!

img_0882Frozen bananas are known to make smoothies creamy. This is why people make vegan ice cream with frozen bananas; it just makes it so creamy.

IMG_7815While the arrival of October makes me yearn for summer again, some of you may be jumping up and down in excitement for the arrival of warm, hearty dishes. If so, this may be how you want to start your day: Kale and Baked Eggs. This recipe was inspired by the Green Kitchen Travels cookbook and is everything you can dream of. It’s made with fresh kale, creamy goat cheese, and the simplest spice of all, cumin.

IMG_0478When 4 o’clock rolls around, your body knows it time for a little pick me up. Let that be a cup of tea (or coffee) with a slice of Kouglof. This Alsatian specialty is similar to brioche because of its light bread-like texture. It’s also great for one person or for 10 people.

IMG_0962At dinner time, you may want something that is a hearty soul food, something that will make your house smell like home, and something that you can bring tomorrow to school or work as leftover lunch. That something is the Butternut Squash Crumble. This uses the seasonal star vegetable, Butternut Squash, in a sweet concoction that has every flavor of fall incorporated, such as thyme and sage.
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Happy October!



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