Tip of the Month: August 2016

While I scrolled through my Instagram feed last year, I began to marvel at all the salads and cakes that were topped with  fresh flowers. The idea of topping foods with fresh flowers sounded expensive to me and for that reason, I stayed away from buying edible flowers.But while taking a farm tour, I learned that many of the flowers in your garden you can actually eat. Last summer, we began to top our salads with flowers to add a little flair.

This past month, our garden began to grow into a jungle and flowers of arugula, dill, and chives grew wild. So rather than letting them go to waste, we tossed them with practically everything we had.IMG_0957.JPG

Topping salads, dishes, and deserts with flowers is a simple way to elevate any meal and make you look like a 5 star chef. Edible flowers include: dill, arugula, and basil flowers, chives, garlic, and squash blossoms, lavender, hibiscus’, marigolds, nasturtiums, pansies…..the list goes on and on (but double check online to see what flowers are edible if you choose some off this list).IMG_5813.jpg

You can top your Greek Abundance Bowls with basil and arugula flowers, as well as chives and garlic blossoms, to give it a little extra oomph. While you should use the flowers, don’t forget about the herbs and plants themselves. Put those fresh herbs to use with the Pea Cup. Want the fresh-fest to continue on through dessert? Whip up some Melon-Mint Fro-Yo,  which uses some of the freshest ingredients that summer has to offer.

Happy August,



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