Tip of the Month: July 2016

IMG_0335The summer heat is hitting us from all directions. Do you find yourself sweating after a few minutes outside? Imagine how our plants feel. All the veggies that grow outside suffer more from the summer’s heat as the ground is dry, causing them to seem lifeless at times. Whether you have a garden or not, you can see the summer heat’s impact on all greens: herbs from your garden or salad from the store. Rather than throwing them away, rejuvenate them!

To rejuvenate your delicate greens, place them in a bowl of cold water and let them soak for an hour or so. You will see that they will absorb the water and become the vibrant greens they are meant to be.

While you wait for the greens to absorb the water, take advantage of the other things summer has to offer, like watermelons. Tired of eating watermelon as a sweet? Then try this recipe for Watermelon Salad. I always find this recipe a success as it is refreshing and full of flavor. They are great to bring to picnics or barbecues. Hosting a barbecue? Then throw some peaches on the grill and follow along my recipe for Grilled Peaches. They are perfect as Ice Cream Sunday toppings and Salad toppings. Are you grilling a lot and want to switch it up? Check out my recipe for Salmon Nigiri. It’s super simple and uses only the freshest ingredients.  Remember, Nigiri is rice with raw fish, so no need to turn on your grill or oven.

Happy July!



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