Tip of the Month: June 2016

IMG_0343If you’re like me, your outdoor garden is in full bloom; vegetables and flowers growing everywhere. At some times, it may seem like everything is ready for harvest at once and you don’t know what to do with it all. Well, just harvest it and store it in a damp towel to keep then fresh.

For big leafy greens, cut them once at the base (may  be different depending on what you are harvesting) and rinse them under cold water. Give them a few big shakes and wrap them in a hand towel. This way, the excess water with penetrate throughout the towel and keep them moist while you store them in your fridge. This usually extends their storing period by 3-4 days. That may seem like a little, but it makes all the difference.

Now that you have a cooking tip, here’s your recipe helper. This month, you should try one of my first posts, The Sunday Morning Egg Special. I haven’t made this recipe in so long but it’s time to bring it back! While that can be your breakfast/brunch, you still need a dinner and lunch, right? Take an easy culinary trip to Thailand with this Pad Thai recipe! This recipe is one of the most flavorful recipes I have on the blog. And remember this recipe is a two for one; a Pad Thai and a rice noodle recipe! An finally for dessert, the most important meal! Strawberries should be easy to find these days so put them to use in this Strawberry Mint Sorbet recipe. This recipe is perfect for those summer night where you need something to cool you down.

Happy June!


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