Tip of the Month: May 2016

IMG_0341Happy May! This month, we have a lot to celebrate; Mother’s Day (May 8th), Memorial Day  (May 30th), and most of all, International Palate’s 2nd Birthday (also May 30). With lots to celebrate, I would say your destined to host people or be invited somewhere. When you’re the host, it’s always a hassle to figure something to serve and when you’re the guest, it’s a hassle to know what to bring. Well, let’s make it simple: A bottle of water that is naturally flavored. Interesting? Yes! Refreshing? Absolutely!

This becomes a staple at our house during the warm months because we typically have an abundance of mint or basil and don’t know what to do with it all. All you do is fill up a bottle (preferably glass) with water and add a few springs of your freshest herbs, such as mint and basil.

Typically, this is where I end my Tip of the Month, but starting this month, TofM’s will include the top three recipes you should try from this blog besides the new one’s coming up. This month, expect to see a few new recipes using some of the freshest ingredients. But until then, make sure to check out some of these May favorites (recipe style)!

Happy May!


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