Tip of the Month: August 2015

IMG_8118As the summer winds down, take advantage of all the fresh fruit. Remember: In the middle of the winter, the prices for fruits may be higher because they may be imported from other tropical places. This months (and first tip!) is to buy fresh fruits NOW and store them for the winter. To store, clean and then prepare them as you would for the future. You can keep them in their full, natural form or chop/slice them so that they are already prepared. Yes, you can buy them already frozen but were they really picked at their peak or are they a bit early? Also, you may find yourself with tons of fruits that are ripe and don’t want them to go bad. Well, just freeze them and take them out when you want. Whether they’re strawberries for smoothies or rhubarb for a pie, the freezer may become your best friend for the winter.


Happy August!


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