TT: Alsace

So looking upon the blog, I’ve realized it would have been 3 weeks since the last TT if I didn’t write one this week. This week also marks the 4th week that I have stayed in Alsace with my grandmother. Now, the past 4 weeks have not been plain and bland. They have been 4 busy and very occupying weeks of adventure. Within four week, I have visited Switzerland, the Mulhouse Zoo, Colmar and many other little corners within the region.

Which story shall we being with? Well, let’s start with my time in Didenheim and St. Louis. My mom’s cousin has a quaint little chalet-styled home in Didenheim. I stayed here for 1 night yet practically ever minute I spent there, I was outside exploring the trails surrounding the home. For the last 2 nights I spent with her (my moms cousin), we were in St. Louis. Here’s where I learned to make the Pot- Au- Feu, Fleischnacka, and Madeleines.

Before going back to my Grandma’s, we took a detour to the Parc du Petit Prince to meet up with my cousin and her family. This is a new park that I recommend you to go visit if you can. This park is all based off the book, Le Petit Prince and is full of interactive games that are based off the story. Now as a 15 year old who doesn’t like amusement parks, this park was super fun because it’s full of games…that are meant for 5-9 year olds but hey, there’s always a little kid in all of us.

A couple of days later, my cousin gave birth to her second child. While she needed to rest, my aunt and I took my cousin’s (her 1st child) daughter to the Zoo in Mulhouse. I’ve heard about this Zoo for a while and wondered what the big attraction was.Well, this Zoo doesn’t only display animals but they also are known for having great gardens. Now here’s a major plus; the whole place is practically in the shade.

Now still using the connection of cousins, I went to Switzerland with my grandma’s cousin’s daughter’s husband (now that’s a mouth-full, how about my GCD’s husband?), who had a meeting near Lausanne, Switzerland. After 15 years of visiting France, I have never been fully able to say that I have been to the bordering country of Switzerland. After telling my GCD, she told me that I could go with her husband the next day. Now, I can say that I have an overview of the western half of the country because we were in the car for most of the day BUT it didn’t matter. I still saw so much.
Still talking about my GCD, I got to spend some time with her and she took me to Colmar and my future Chateau. Yup, I had tea in a castle which I hope to buy some day and renovate it; and as the wise R.G. Allen once said, “The future you see is the future you get” and I quite frankly see myself living in my french chateau and making part of it a B&B. Now, Colmar is an Alsacian city which has kept it’s old architecture. Thinking that I hadn’t been there, I went with my GCD for the morning. While passing through the small pedestrian routes, certain building looked similar and the light bulb went off. I had already been here. So trying to make the best out of the situation, I took it as a photo-op of the city.
After wandering through the city, we went to La Maison de Fromage within the Munster Valley. Here, we learned how the farmers make cheese from start to finish in the olden days and in modern mass production. After our little tour, we sat down at the restaurant that they have and enjoyed a little platter of cheese, a salad, and potatoes covered in Munster cheese. On our way back, we took a detour around the valley and mountains and within minutes, the scenery changed from forest to vinyards to farms.
As we made our way home, we visited 2 churches; Abbey Church of Murbach and the Basilica of Notre Dame de Thierenbach. At the Abbey Church of Murbach, we took the path up to the chapel on top that overlooks the church. While visiting Thierenbach, we saw the painting that people placed inside to thank Notre Dame de Thierenbach.

Now I hope this gave you an overview of things that you can do and visit while in the region.

Safe Travels,



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